Week of April 13 the 24th

COVID-19 Lesson Cycle  #2

Zoom Schedule for Tuesday, April 14, check your email 15 min. before the meeting for passwords for Zoom.

Juniors 9:00 am

Sophomores 10:00 am

Freshman 11:00 am

Eight Graders 11:45 an

Seniors 1:30 pm

Assignment due by Friday April 24 (see how easy I am)- movement 1 of the show titled… (Hint #2- Star wars “The Force Awakens” was modeled after this hero’s story). A PDF of the music will be available on the band web site under the High School Tab, if in doubt work on the second part, first part is for upper classman.  This music is very playable, we are shooting for Area Championships (two in a row).

Personal note: Take some time this weekend to remember Easter-The Passover-Pascha- or the springs season of hope, We need it more than ever. Call your Grandparents, Aunt and Uncles, let them know you are thinking of them.

Please record your assignments in Charms-use the met.... If you can't just record on your phone and email it please use a met

If you have your 5 min. warm-up please play it every day so you will keep in shape. Percussion-everyone work on the snare part for now- we will get pit parts out when we can get to instruments.