Summer Band What ?

Summer Band 2020  PLan : Please read to the end


Rehearsal Plan revised


By UIL Guidelines we will take, and record attendance at each practice. Please remimber we will learn new things at every practice. 


·         Students will NOT be allowed to keep clothes – shoes- personal items in the band hall.  Students need to come dressed ready to go, students should plan not to enter the band hall.

·         Students will not be allowed to “hang out” before or after practice- student must leave immediately when dismissed.

·         Use hand sanitizer frequently

·         Bring your own water to practice and take your containers home after each session, NO Shared water.

·         Students will not be allowed in the building or areas that they are not assigned to.

·         All shared equipment will be disinfested before and after each practice.

·         Six foot social distancing guidelines will be maintained at all times. 99% of our rehearsal time will be outdoors, but spacing will be closely monitored.  We will maintain a line-split-line spacing (7 ½ foot spacing).

·         Students must wait in car until practice time.



We will have a band parent outside each entrance to monitor student’s arrivals and their leaving. Students should avoid entering the building at any time, take your instruments home.

Everyone will need a face covering when not playing a wind instrument.


Color Guard- home base the old elementary gym - students should park or be dropped off by the gym.


Percussion- high school band hall

  Keyboards and equipment will be sanitized before and after each practice.


As we approach the reopening of school and practice and follow the guidelines and not take chances.  The Band Staff at Grandview will strictly enforce the guidelines- NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please understand these Guidelines are set by UIL, TEA, State and local Government and Grandview ISD but they are very fluid and can (most likely will) change as more is learned about how best to deal with Covid-19

Know the Symptoms Every band member needs to know the COVID-19 symptoms by heart - you are our first and best defense.  (Copied from the UIL Requirements)  Any student, teacher, or staff member living with someone who experiences any of the symptoms of COVID-19, whether they have a positive COVID-19 test or not, should self-isolate until they have negative test.
COVID-19 Symptoms for Screening.
**Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
**Chills or repeated shaking with chills
**Muscle pain
**Headache or sore throat
**Loss of taste or smell
**Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit
**Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19
**If a student suspects they have COVID-19, but it turns out they don’t, they will have to have a Doctor’s release before returning to practice
**Any student or staff member who lives with someone that has symptoms of COVID, tested or not, should self-isolate for two weeks or until they have a negative test.
If you have any of these symptoms STAY HOME!