Epic Festival Info

Question and Answers

Ø What do students wear? A parent approved swimsuit, with their band shirt as a cover-up. We suggest jeans or sweats for travel, at the very least students should wear shorts over their swimwear. We also ask Chaperones to wear swimsuits that are family appropriate.

Ø How much are Chaperone tickets? Tickets for All Chaperones, and family are $17 and can be bought at the door. – no meal is included for family, concessions are available.

Ø What will the kids eat for lunch? WE HAVE ORDERED A Hamburger or Hot Dog Combo for every student, this will avoid long lines at the concession stand.

Ø  What do students wear for their performance? Students can dry off, throw on their band t-shirt and shorts over their swimsuits to perform.  No need to dress-up for their performance! If a student wants to change for the ride home they need to plan time to change, the busses must leave on time to get back to school on time. (baring something unforeseen)  Students will be able to ride their regular bus home.

Ø What if it is really cold? The park is indoors, so weather will never be a problem, it stays a steamy 80 + degrees year around.

Ø What age groups will be in the park? Only elementary (6th grade) and middle school students with chaperones will be in the park. 

Ø Does No pass- no play apply to this trip? Yes, students need to be passing all their classes on their last 9 weeks report card.

Ø Are there lockers available? Yes. Lockers cost between $8 and $12, depending on the size. Students should not leave valuables (like a cell phone) sitting in the open, there will be several other schools in the park with us. These items should be left on the bus or in a rented locker. Teachers will not be responsible for watching these items.

Ø How will transportation be arranged?  Students will ride on a Grandview ISD bus with their band.  We will check roll before we leave the park.

Ø What if there is an emergency and I need to talk with my student? Please call the Junior High Office, they will be able to reach a director or principal at all times.

Ø What are the Performance TIMES?

10:00 AM Grandview Beginner Band

10:30 AM Grandview JH JV Band

11:00 AM Grandview JH Symphonic Band