Spring 2019 High School Calendar

High School Band

Section Leaders

Flute: Mallory M

 Clarinet: Kaya E

  Saxophones: Stephen M  

French Leaders: Seth Draper  

Trumpets: Madi F

  Trombones: Tessa G

  Low Brass: Matthew C

Colorguard Captain: Piper T &  Kylie G

 Drum Captain: Ethan C

Bass Line Lead: Madi Blue M

Front Ensemble Keyboards: Briana Freshwater  

Front Ensemble Percussion: Sam C

Check out our first day of band camp video! →

RECORDING CONCERT for TEXAS                Honor Band Monday April 8th


The following students have been selected to serve as leaders of the Thundering Herd for the 2017-18 school year. Congratulations on your selection, thank you for taking on this responsibility and for your commitment to this organization.

Drum Majors:  Dane Mathis & Meredith Bowden

The following students were elected to serve on the Band Council for 2017-18

President:  Cabe C

Vice President:   Ethan C
Secretary:   Tessa G 

Historian:    Felisity M

Librarian:   Annie M
Chaplin:  Alex R

Freshmen Rep: 
Quartermaster:   Seth D

                                    Hard work=championships 

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