Fall 2020 High School Calendar

Tri- M Hours Log


High School Band

Peer Team  Leaders

  Anisley T

  Kaya E. 

Gracie R

 Bridget T.

 Megan S.

Keris M

Joey C

 Madi Blue

Jamie M

Carla G



Jaxon R

Check out our first day of band camp video! 


The following students have been selected to serve as leaders of the Thundering Herd for the 2017-18 school year. Congratulations on your selection, thank you for taking on this responsibility and for your commitment to this organization.

Drum Majors: Brianna Freshwater & Alex Jenkins


The following students were elected to serve on the Band Council for 2020-21

President:  Cody H

Secretary:  Jaselyn D

Historian:    Courtney S

Freshmen Rep:  Sarah O
Quartermaster:   Joseph C

Click on your part to download a PDF of next year's marching show:


Sound Recording: Click Here

Flute: Click Here                                                  Trumpet: Click Here

Clarinet: Click Here                                             French Horn: Click Here

Bass Clarinet: Click Here                                   Trombone/Baritone: Click Here

Alto Saxophone: Click Here                              Tuba: Click Here

Tenor Saxophone: Click Here                           Percussion: Page #1 Page #2

Bari Saxophone: Click Here

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