I have a feeling my kids have not let you know the measures we are taking to keep our kids as safe from COVID as possible. Of course nothing is 100%, even curbside and deliveries are not 100%, seeing family that you are not around on a regular basis, or even stopping to talk to a neighbor is not 100% safe.

Here is our plan for Band travel This Year

** We are going to tie off a section where we will sit to keep us with the band family- the group that we are with every day and not with other spectators.

** We will not allow students to go to any concession area. Our boosters will bring a few snack type items for students to purchase so they won’t starve. (lol) 


**Parents will not be able to bring food, snacks into the band seating area- not to keep you away from your student- to keep you away from other students.

** We are not taking a break during the game- no free time to mingle- we will isolate our kids –outdoors.

**The buses we use are NOT used for regular school pick-up or taking students home, we are the only ones using them for days this week.

**I personally spray disinfectant on every seat, window, and hand rail on each bus before any students get on a bus.

** We will enforce the wearing of masks, (when not performing) we have hand sanitizer on each bus


We believe these measures, along with wearing a mask- even outdoors (when not performing) make it reasonably safe for our students.