Concert Dress Black

How an ensemble dresses for concerts is extremely important. A group who comes onto the stage well-dressed shows respect for their audience, reflects personal pride, and gives off an aura of “something special is going to happen.”

For all performances, Grandview Music students wear the “uniform” of professional musicians, Concert Dress Black, also called Dress Blacks, or simply Blacks.

                          What is Concert Dress Black?

First and foremost, it is completely black (thanks, Captain Obvious). Dress blacks are formal, classy, and elegant. Students are free to choose the components of their dress blacks within the following guidelines.

Ø  black dress pants, skirt, or dress (skirt length is at the knee or longer so you can sit on stage and remain modest) Dark black jeans- (not faded to gray) are fine (if you have to ask- it isn’t black)

Ø  black dress shirt (collar, buttons, and long sleeves), sweater, or blouse, of solid black t-shirt (NO print or logo’s of any kind)

Ø  black socks or black opaque stockings

Ø  black shoes or solid black- including the sole- athletic shoes with no colored logo

Ø  black jackets, ties or scarves are welcome, but not mandatory

Ø  Jewelry should be small and look classy


                    What is not Concert Dress Black?

Ø  jeans, sweats, yoga pants, mini-skirts or shorts

Ø  tank tops, spaghetti straps,

Ø  flip-flops, runners or black runners with colored stripes or logo

Ø  white socks, colored socks, or sans-socks, bare legs or feet

Some hints on putting together your dress blacks

Ø  because students are growing, borrowing from older siblings, or even parents (especially shoes) is a great idea

Ø  if you decide to buy, allow for growing (not quite clown suite big, but enough for a year or two)

Ø  thrift stores and discount stores like Wal Mart can be a great place to find formal clothing at good prices

Ø  if you are not sure if something meets the requirements, ask before you buy or make sure you can take it back.

If you have to ask if something is solid black- it most likely is not- no logos- dots- stripes-Solid black only