Meetings 3rd Tuesday

every Month 6:30

HS Band Hall

Bridging The Gap Between Inspiration and Execution

❖ Always remember our main goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of
the kids
❖ After COVID it is the perfect time to change the mentality of “That is the way we
have always done it. We should evolve and try changes to improve the
productivity of the program. Just because it has always been done in the past
does not mean it is best for the future
❖ Show care and motivation
❖ Produce a highly skilled parent team
❖ Employ detailed plans
❖ Broaden volunteer opportunities

❖ Setting Goals and Creating Ideas (How to brainstorm)
➢ What are the possibilities? 
➢ What is doable? 
➢ Best next? What is the best idea to focus on first? S
➢ Create an action plan for this idea every member presents this idea to at
least 2 others and gather feedback. Plan to meet within 1-2 weeks to
discuss feedback and final ideas
➢ Set final date for project to come to fruition
➢ Create volunteer activity to achieve goal
➢ Break roles down to easy tasks with multiple roles and volunteer
opportunities to make it easier to get volunteers that want larger or
smaller roles with a timeline
➢ Pair tasks with talents
➢ Brainstorm if necessary to make plan run smoothly
➢ ALWAYS help new volunteers know what is expected and give guidance at
first so they are not overwhelmed
➢ Use your volunteer energy properly be careful of personality conflicts